PlayStation Vita Pets Launches for the PS Vita in June 2014

Remember PlayStation Vita Pets? It’s a PS Vita exclusive title that was revealed all the way back in August 2013, seems to only include dogs as the “pets”, and the debut trailer featured talking dogs (something that still haunts me).

Well, PlayStation Vita Pets was given a release date today, and will arrive in North America on June 3rd, with Europe getting it on June 4th. No price was given, but Pets will be released in North America solely on the PlayStation Store, while Europe receives a retail and digital version of the game.

Since August, the developers have been working hard on the game, with Kevin Oxland of Spiral House explaining why the dogs talk:

You see, they are your pet, your partner and hopefully your friend on this journey so we wanted to make sure that they were able to convey their thoughts, feelings and needs to you. This lead us to create a huge script of dialogue for each of the dogs. In total we have around 10,000 lines of spoken dialogue in the game. It’s no small feat, but we felt it was essential to ensure that every day with your pet felt new. It allows us to ensure that there is a great deal of depth to their personalities which will unlock as you become better friends and discover more of the game’s mysteries together. Hopefully by the end you’ll be best friends forever!

Aside from being able to play games, pamper, and train your dog, you can uncover a long lost legend of a king and his dog. Then, by getting your dog’s nose up to snuff, you’ll be able to dig up clues and artifacts to unlock news areas to explore.

Will you be taking a journey with PlayStation Vita Pets this June? Let us know in the comments below.

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