The Catch-Up: April 7th, 2014 – See Nearly All of the 100+ PS4 Games Coming in 2014

Reminder: All of the Resistance games on PS3 will have their servers shut off tomorrow, April 8th. As for Burning Skies, Insomniac is “not sure.”

General News

  • There won’t be a traditional jump button in Watch Dogs as “it’s contextual, no need to press a jump button.” [Twitter]
  • In a Battlelog update going live tomorrow, April 8th, Battlefield 4 will add Loadout Presets, which are described as “a way to save kit or vehicle setups so that you can easily switch between them when going into a Battlefield 4 multiplayer match.” [More Info]
  • NewEgg, via their US eBay account, is selling 1 Year of PlayStation Plus for $39.99, a $10 savings off the regular price. [Via, Buy It]
  • According to PlayStation UK, Daylight will release for the PlayStation 4 on April 30th in Europe, one day after North America. [Twitter]
  • The Addition Edition update for DiveKick is now available to download on your PlayStation Vita (at least in the US). [Twitter]
  • The Target Buy 2, Get 1 free offer on “hundreds of games” is happening right now. [Via, Start Buying!]
  • PlayStation has now become the official gaming partner of Top Rank Boxing, meaning that “the PlayStation brand will be featured front and center during several premier Top Rank events that will be broadcast live on Pay-Per-View, HBO, and Unimas (a part of the Univision Network).” [Source]
  • Sounds like a sequel to Wreck-it-Ralph is in the works right now, but nothing’s been confirmed yet. [Via, Source]
  • Starlight Inception for the PlayStation Vita will release on April 22nd in North America and April 23rd in Europe, with a European release scheduled for Q2 2014. It will be a digital download and is available in English, as well as subtitled versions in French, Italian, German, Russian and Spanish. [Press Release]
  • 505 Games has announced that they’ll be publishing Adr1ft, “an immersive First Person Experience (FPX) that tells the story of an astronaut in peril.” The game is developed by Three One Zero, which is founded by Adam Orth and Omar Aziz, and will be released in mid-2015 for PC and console (not specified). [Press Release]

New Videos

  • You already know there’s over 100 PS4 games coming in 2014, and now you can catch a glimpse of almost every single one of them in this video from Access PlayStation:

  • The Cross Buy enabled (with the PS Vita version) King Oddball will be released tomorrow for the PS4:

  • Here’s a new video about Child of Light and Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano:

  • Giant Tetris [Via]:

  • The latest PS4 trailer for MLB 14: The Show is all about the stadiums you’ll be playing in:

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gets a Villains trailer:

  • Silicon Studio showed off a tech demo for their new rendering engine:

Will you be saying goodbye to Resistance tonight?