Gamer Academy: LEGO The Hobbit Cheat Codes and Character Unlocks

April 14, 2014Written by Dan Oravasaari

LEGO The Hobbit

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One of the best parts of the LEGO series games, has always been the number of characters available to play as. Thankfully, the latest release LEGO The Hobbit follows that trend beautifully by allowing you play over 90 characters. Most of which can be unlocked by simply playing through all 16 story missions, or by being purchased in-game. But, if you don’t have the time to unlock each character, or earn enough tokens to purchase them, here are a few codes to help you get started.

To enter the code: Press the Start/Options button to pause the game, and select ‘Extras’ from the menu. From there, go to ‘Enter Code’ to get the ability to enter in the unlock codes listed below.

Unlock Alfrid – FAVZTR

Unlock Azog – 84ZZSI

Unlock Bain – W5Z6AC

Unlock Bard – UER3JG

Unlock Barliman Butterbur – XTVM8C

Unlock Borrow Wight – 555R9C

Unlock Beorn – KEID2V

Unlock Bolg – ZIBYHO

Unlock Braga – MXUXKO

Unlock Elros – H2CAID

Unlock Fimbul – THAVRM

Unlock Galadriel – 00TE7J

Unlock Gollum – 3CE37P

Unlock Grinnah – TPD7YW

Unlock Lindir – V4Y5HZ

Unlock Master of Laketown – 9NOK35

Unlock Narzug – 4FYKKB

Unlock Necromancer – NM3I2O

Unlock Percy – 74KN31

Unlock Peter Jackson – 5OJEUC

Unlock Rosie Cotton – TB3S6J

Unlock Sauron – OARA3D

Unlock Thror – SYKSXF

Unlock Tom Bombadil – 4Y95TJ

Unlock Witchking – V8AHMJ

Unlock Yazneg – S6VV33

If you find any more LEGO The Hobbit cheat codes or character unlocks, feel free to add them in the comments below or visit our LEGO sub-forum to discuss all things LEGO The Hobbit.