Gamer Academy: LEGO The Hobbit – All Mithril Brick and Minikit Locations

April 21, 2014Written by Dan Oravasaari

GA LEGO Hobbit

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Story Mode (16 Bricks) – You will be able to unlock one Mithril Brick for each story mission you complete.

Master Burglar (16 Bricks) – During a story mission you will be able access an addition Mithril Brick if you complete the ‘Master Burglar’ task for each level, by filling up the meter at the top of the screen during each level.

Minikits (16 Bricks) – Each story mission will have 10 Minikits hidden throughout a level. If you find and collect all 10 of these, you will be rewarded with a Mithril Brick.

Treasure Items (16 Bricks) – During each story mission, there will be a hidden treasure item somewhere on the level. For every one that you are able to find, you will unlock one Mithril Brick.

Open World – When not int a story mission, there will be Mithril Bricks located on the world map. To unlock them, you will need to meet a certain requirement for each one.

 1. Greatest Kingdom in Middle-Earth

2. An Unexpected Party

3. Azog the Defiler

4. Roast Mutton

5. The Troll Hoard

6. Over Hill and Under Hill

7. Goblin Town

8. Out of the Frying Pan…

9. Queer Lodgings

10. Flies and Spiders

11. Barrels Out of Bond

12. A Warm Welcome

13. Looking for Proof

14. The Necromancer

15. On the Doorstep

16. Inside Information

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