PSN Name Change Considered by Sony: “We Get Why It’s Important”

April 17, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Earlier this month, a survey was sent out to PS4 owners, who were asked about a variety of different PlayStation-related topics, including the ability to change your PlayStation username.

Following further details about PS4 firmware update 1.70, Scott McCarthy, Director of Product Planning & Software Innovation at SCEA, answered a bunch of questions on the PS Blog. One of the topics revolved around PSN name changes, with Scott saying, “We’ve considered it. How often do you think you would use it?” Following that exchange, another person suggested we’d only need to use the PSN name change once, which prompted Scott to reply:

Yup. One time use is the norm. We get why it’s important. Gamers change and mature, just like the console!

McCarthy didn’t say anything further about PSN name changes, but we do at least know that they are considering it. Based on how much player feedback they’re using to improve the PS4, the more people want PSN name changes, the likelier it will actually happen.

Elsewhere on the PS Blog, McCarthy addressed a variety of other topics, which you can read about below:

  • “We know you guys love dynamic themes on PS3 and look forward to evolving the idea for PS4… How would YOU evolve dynamic themes given the flow of the PS4 UI? We’re listening… let us know!”
  • On pre-loading: “There will be a countdown [clock] that starts when the official time of release is announced. “
  • In case you were confused, “USB export means post anywhere!”
  • When asked about possibly using your tablet/phone/Vita to control SHAREfactory on PS4, Scott said, “At launch the DS4 will control Share Factory. We’ll look to evolve the controls over time.”
  • Following firmware update 1.70, “you can export raw gameplay to USB,” but “import will not be possible through USB for security related reasons. We get why it would be awesome but will not be available at launch.”

How would you evolve dynamic themes for PS4? Let everyone know in the comments below.