Bandai Namco Announces US Release for Tales of Hearts R on Vita

April 21, 2014Written by Dan Oravasaari

Tales of Hearts R

Fans have been waiting for a US version of Tales of Hearts R for some time, even so much that a petition had gone up to convince Bandai Namco to localize it for their English speaking fanbase. Thankfully, the wait is over, as we can confirm that the rumors as of late are true, Tales of Hearts R will be releasing stateside as a PlayStation Vita exclusive in Winter 2014.

If you are unfamiliar with Tales of Hearts R, it is one of the flagship titles for the Tales of series that released in Japan early last year on the Vita and iOS, but was originally a Nintendo DS title. It stars a brother and sister named Hisui and Kohakue Hearts, who are in search for a weapon called Soma. Eventually, they run into Kor Meteor, a young man living in a small village by the sea who happens to have been training with his grandfather and has a Soma weapon. This leads to Kohakue getting cursed by a mysterious witch and shattering her Spiria core, causing parts of her soul to scatter. Together the group must search the land for the missing pieces of Kohakue’s Spiria Core to make her whole once more.

When speaking to a Bandai Namco rep for details regarding if Tales of Hearts R will have English voice overs, or just subtitles, we were given the following statement:

“Right now, we are still working on exactly what the final localization is going to be, so we will reveal that stuff soon”

Stay tuned to PSLS as we will make sure to update you once we hear more about a release date or if Tales of Hearts R will receive English dubbing.