The Catch-Up: May 9th, 2014 – Borderlands 2 PS Vita Gets a European Release Date

  • North American gamers get it on May 13th, and we now know that European gamers will be able to buy Borderlands 2 for the PS Vita on May 28th. [Twitter]
  • Idea Factory has confirmed that Monster Monpiece for PlayStation Vita will hit the PlayStation Store on May 27th in North America and May 28th in Europe. The game is priced at $29.99 [Press Release]
  • Available in countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Norway, and many more, follow the link to find out how to top up your PlayStation Network account with Paypal. [Details]
  • With nearly 10,000 lines of dialogue, Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed marks XSEED’s largest English voice-over project to date. Don’t worry, the original Japanese voice track will also be included when the game launches this summer. [Press Release]
  • As part of a Wolfenstein: The New Order Reddit AMA, Machine Games Creative Director Jens Matthies said, “We have lots of ideas for a sequel and we’d love to do one. It hinges on the financial success of this one, of course.” So, if you want another Wolfenstein, buy The New Order! [Via, Source]
  • Already available in North America, Cel Damage HD will hit the European PlayStation Store next week on May 14th for €8.99, with PS+ members getting 10% off at launch. Coming complete with Cross Buy, Cel Damage HD is a PS4, PS3, and PS Vita title. [Source]
  • Thanks to the performances of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, Thief, and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Square Enix has actually raised their outlook for the fiscal year. Full details of their previous fiscal year should be out soon. [Via, Source]
  • In a new report from Capcom, the studio has named their “powerful” franchises as Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, Dead Rising, and Lost Planet. [Via, Source]
  • Netflix sent out emails today to tell their customers that new monthly subscriptions will now cost $8.99, and the monthly price for current subscribers will raise to $8.99 (it’s currently $7.99) in 2 years. [Press Release]
  • Three Fields development studio recently said, “Our company is comprised wholly of ex-Criterion Games staff. We are ten full time staff currently and looking to expand. We have TWO titles in development and hope to release both in early 2015.” [Twitter 1, 2]
  • The European Super Patch for The Pinball Arcade is now available for download on PS3/Vita. Within the Super Patch is Stereoscopic 3D functionality for PS3, as well as a slew of fixes for many tables on PS3 and Vita. [Source]
  • Do you want your trophy list in Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty to be combined or separate? [Let the Devs Know]
  • The Madden NFL 15 cover vote is on now! [Vote Here]
  • Amazon currently has the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PS3 for $29.99. [Via
  • According to Amazon, Natural Doctrine will release on September 16th in North America (only the PS3 version is listed). 
  • In case you didn’t know, Saints Row 2 on PS3 will be losing online play when the GameSpy servers shutdown on May 31st. [Via, Source]

New Videos

  • Scheduled to go live today on PS4, here’s what you can expect in Update 13 for Warframe:

  • Releasing on PS4 later this year, here’s a multiplayer trailer for Tropico 5:

  • How to Train Your Dragon 2 is coming to the PS3 on June 10th:

Has anyone bought the PS Vita 2000? What do you think of it?