Ask PSLS: How Should Sony Respond to the Kinect-Less Xbox One Announcement?

May 14, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Deciding to drop a bombshell before E3 even starts, Microsoft announced the Kinect-less Xbox One yesterday, meaning that $399.99 will be able to buy you a PS4 or an Xbox One. With such a big move, we thought it would be fun to ask the PSLS staff: How do you think Sony should respond to the Kinect-less Xbox One announcement?

Cameron Teague – Thinking Man

On the same day, Sony should bundle the PS4 with the camera for $399.99.

Anthony Severino – Scalding (@Sev_Anthony)

Ooo, burn. I don’t think anyone is going to beat Cameron’s response. However, another option is Sony simply pointing and laughing hysterically.

Chandler Wood – CopyCatdler (@FinchStrife)

Damn, I was typing out what Cameron was saying as he sent that response. I actually said the same thing to Dan when we recorded Bad Gamers last night, that Sony should snub Microsoft by just including the PS4 Camera with every PS4 at their current price. PS4 is doing far too well to warrant a price drop at this point. I can’t wait to see Sony’s snark on stage at E3 this year (where I think their response should take place), hopefully it can be even half as epic as last year was.

Dan Oravasaari – Non-plussed (@FoolsJoker)

Given Sony’s current financial issues, I think the best move they could make is to add something that wouldn’t necessarily cost them anything, such as adding a year of PS+. But, enough damage has been done to MS’ brand that they don’t necessarily need to do much to keep their lead, other than announce more AAA games.

Jason Dunning – Deja Vu (@Jasonad21)

All Sony really needs to do is address the Kinect-less Xbox One in the same sense they handled the previous Xbox One-Eighty – by stating at E3 that they “aren’t changing any of their policies or vision regarding the PS4, unlike some of our competitors” (PlayStation France already got that ball rolling…).

John VanderSchuit – Butler! (@j_vanderschuit)

Replay the Kevin Butler ad where he makes fun of boxing with Kinect.

Joseph Peterson – Don’t Speak (@BigPete7978)

Personally I don’t think they need to respond. They are doing fine with their sales. I think this is a move that Microsoft needed to make, along with the removal of the paywall with Xbox Live Gold. These should have been options from the beginning. But like I said over on the forums, it’s better late than never.

Louis Edwards – Eye See U

Sony doesn’t need to respond. Microsoft is responding to lackluster sales of their flagship console while Sony is selling their flagship at a record pace. While it would be great of Sony decided to add the PS4 eye to every console for free, nothing is really needed on Sony’s part.

How do you think Sony should respond to the Kinect-less Xbox One announcement? Let us know in the comments below.