Ask PSLS: Do You Think E3 is Still Relevant?

May 21, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


With E3 2014 starting up in just a few weeks, Ask PSLS will be focusing on the upcoming event until then, with our first question asking: Do you think E3 is still relevant?

Anthony Severino – Adaptation (@Sev_Anthony)

I do still think E3 is very relevant. This question gets brought up semi-frequently in gaming circles. What other venue does the whole entire world watch at once? What other venue does every publisher bring out the big guns for? With online media prominence, even remote coverage will do. Maybe E3 could and should adapt, but relevance is just as strong as ever.

Cameron Teague – Oui

Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer: Yes… Look, it is a big stage to display games and consoles for millions of people, how would it ever not be relevant? Also, think of all the people who may not follow games as hardcore as us but who tune in to E3 to see what is new.

Chandler Wood – Always Points North (@FinchStrife)

I absolutely believe that E3 is still very relevant to the industry. It’s a time when all eyes turn to the games industry to get news, feedback, and updates. It’s the event that even more casual gamers know about. I think it is helping to bring games to a wider audience. It gives us something to look forward to and expect, such as new game announcements, updates on games, and previews based on hands-on time with unfinished games. There may be other events, but E3 sits as a major compass or barometer on the industry each year.

D’yani Wood – Dangit

It’s still pretty dang relevant. It provides a major news event that encourages big announcements and developments, instead of a trickling of mediocre stuff though the whole year.

Dan Oravasaari – Good Riddance (@FoolsJoker)

Yes, E3 is still relevant. Does it have to be? Not exactly. With the number of other events out there, we could spread things out a bit more or even break up E3. But, as developers, publishers and consumers have been under a familiar annual cycle for so long, I think the industry would be turned around for a year or two if we got rid of it. Besides, having one major event each year allows the world to focus their attention for one week, instead of trying to get people to look up multiple times a year.

Jason Dunning – Spread Out the Announcements, Please (@Jasonad21)

As much as I don’t like the ten thousand announcements-per-minute of the press conferences and the fact that so many games get overshadowed during E3, I definitely believe it’s still relevant. E3 represents the best opportunity for each major company to display their plans for the upcoming year (and beyond), reaching millions of people in the process.

With more and more conventions (gamescom, TGS, PAX, etc) popping up throughout the year though, E3 isn’t as much of a force as it once was, but I still hope it never disappears or changes… again.

Do you think E3 is still relevant? Let everyone know in the comments below.