Amplitude PS3/PS4 Kickstarter Reaches Goal, Sets Lofty Stretch Goal With Hours to go

Late last night, Harmonix reached their $775,000 Kickstarter goal for Amplitude on PS4 and PS3. Here’s what they had to say about achieving the milestone:


You did it. We honestly can’t believe it – we get to make another Amplitude and play it with you guys. It’s incredible.

We’re reeling from the news and we’re incredibly humbled by the support from all of you. 

While it’s unlikely the $1.125 million stretch goal of online head-to-head multiplayer will be met in time (it’s at $825,000 right now), Harmonix still has faith:

A killer 4-player local multiplayer experience and asynchronous features like leaderboards were always a part of the core experience that we plan to deliver. So why is “Online Synchronous head-to-head Multiplayer” our first stretch goal? This feature has been at the top of our “dream features to add” lists since the beginning. We worked out a few different stretch goal scenarios, and we’ve decided to dive in headfirst and go for the gold, instead of putting any smaller roadblocks ahead of that goal.

The amount that separates us from that goal is lofty – it may seem crazy optimistic to think that we could hit it. But it was just 2 days ago that folks were writing articles about how this Kickstarter had no chance of hitting our targets, and you guys proved them wrong.

The money we’re asking for, as is the case for the entire Kickstarter, isn’t the total cost of the feature – we’re risking the remaining budget out of pocket because we want to see online multiplayer in the game as well. You’ve probably heard the “I know it seems like a lot of money, but games are really expensive” speech at this point, so I’ll spare you.

So tell all your friends that you play games online with – Amplitude is going to be a reality. They should back now, lock in their code, and push this game towards the realm where you can all play online together. We think that this feature would be an amazing way to expand the game and compete with your friends. We hope you agree.

This is going to be a white knuckle ride down to the end. We can’t begin to thank you enough for your support – let’s close this thing out right!

Harmonix adds that “no matter if we hit this stretch goal or not, we plan to do leaderboards and asynchronous online competition – and of course we’ll have awesome local multiplayer elements that will make your living room a face-melting battle arena. But Online Synchronous head-to-head Multiplayer was always just out of scope.”

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