Battlefield: Hardline Confirmed by EA; First Gameplay Video Leaks (Update)

Update: Visceral’s Steve Papoutsis commented on the recent Battlefield: Hardline gameplay leak, revealing that the footage is six months old:

So yeah, that happened. Not how we wanted to unveil Hardline, but all good. Didn’t want to wait til E3 anyway, so let’s talk about it…

Video that’s out there was for an internal meeting. It’s 6 months old now and team has been cranking since then. See the real deal at E3. Excited to see so much buzz for the old footage. Love it. Can’t wait to show you how much further the team has taken things.

We’re pouring everything we’ve got into this & stoked to share details on June 9 – maybe even a little more before then if you want it.

Original Story: Shortly after the Battlefield: Hardline leak was discovered, Steve Papoutsis, GM at Visceral Games and Executive Producer on Hardline, took to the Battlefield Blog to confirm that the game is happening, with more details arriving during EA’s E3 2014 press conference on June 9th.

We do know a few things about Hardline now, including how “this is a brand new series in the Battlefield franchise, set against the backdrop of a genre we all love – the war on crime and the battle between cops and criminals.” As well, Papoutsis teased that Hardline will introduce “new twists and turns” to the foundation of Battlefield multiplayer, while also bringing Visceral’s strengths to single player.

Papoutsis then revealed how Hardline came to be:

Several years ago, I was at an internal EA meeting in Barcelona with creative leaders from across the company. It was here I met Karl Magnus Troedsson, the GM of DICE, for the first time, and we immediately began talking about games. I’ve always loved Battlefield and KM was a huge fan of Dead Space, so we started talking about different ways we could work together, different ways we could take Battlefield and action games in a new direction. And from that point, the project that would become Battlefield Hardline was born.

There’s a very good chance the video will be taken down at some point (try this link or this link if it is), but for now, here’s the first leaked trailer for Hardline:

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