Media Molecule Isn’t “Showing Anything” at E3 2014

We can cross one announcement off the list of things rumored to appear at E3 2014, as Media Molecule confirmed on their Twitter account that they won’t be “showing anything” during the event, but they’re “sending high-fives to everyone who is.”

Media Molecule won’t go too long without announcing something new though, as they said:

We’ve got a whole lotta fun to show you later though, and we simply *cannot wait* – so hold on tight, it won’t be too much longer :).

While we won’t have them at E3, Media Molecule did add, “From what we’ve heard about next week, we all have a lot to be excited about, oh my yes :).”

It’s possible Media Molecule might save a reveal for gamescom in August, Tokyo Game Show in September, or one of the other events during the summer, so stay tuned for any news as it arrives.

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