Ask PSLS: What PlayStation E3 2014 Announcement Would Stop the Internet?

Marking our final Ask PSLS before E3 week starts on Monday, we thought it would be fun to ask: What PlayStation E3 2014 announcement would stop the internet?

Alex Co – EiC U (@Excaliburps)

The Last Guardian for PS4…releasing in 2014! Sony would “win” E3 just by this.

Anthony Severino – Kaboom (@Sev_Anthony)

I’m going to one-up everyone here and say that Sony drops the price of the PS4 to $349… and includes the PlayStation Camera and a voucher to download The Last Guardian when it releases holiday 2014 packed in with every console sold.

Internet would explode. PSLS would break from traffic overload. And I would pop champagne.

Cameron Teague – Any Chance to Mention Suikoden

Suikoden VI announced for PS4. Ok, so maybe only my internet would stop, but that is all that matters.

Chandler Wood – Such a Bad Gamer (@FinchStrife)

Aside from “Sony purchases Internet, sets switch to off?” That would quite literally stop the Internet…

Dan and I talked a bit about some fantastic rumors on this week’s Bad Gamers, some that I promise you’ve never heard before, so you ought to listen. Going the direction of ridiculous extremely unlikely? Any kind of partnership between Sony and Nintendo; the face of gaming forever changed by a shift in the balance of the Force. This could be anything, from as small as a single title, to a larger partnership in which Nintendo helps Sony sell handhelds and Mario games release on PS4, but it would still be the great Internet stoppage of 2014.

D’yani Wood – $7.99!

In an internet-stopping future, I see a PS4+Camera bundle that slaps Microsoft in the face, and maybe tag on a few perks like Vita TV, lower price for PlayStation Plus, and Netflix-like prices for PlayStation Now. That should work.

Dan Oravasaari – Shut Down! (@FoolsJoker)

Besides price drops, bundles, and the sighting of a rare mythical Monster, I think that if The Dink was to host Sony’s PlayStation 2014 E3 conference, that would not only stop the internet, but finally shut Aisha Tyler and Joel McHale up.

Jason Dunning – It’s a Battle Royale! (@Jasonad21)

With Nintendo bringing out Super Smash Bros. to 3DS and Wii U this year, I think PlayStation should announce their own version of Smash Bros. Just throw in all the biggest characters from over the years – Kratos, Nathan Drake, Sly Cooper, etc – and some memorable stages, then bring it out on consoles and PS Vita. Instant 10 million seller!

Oh wait…

John VanderSchuit – Light the Fuse

A PlayStation 4 price drop to $349 following Microsoft’s recent announcement of a Kinect-less SKU. Aaaand boom goes the dynamite.

Louis Edwards – Boughten (@ftwrthtx)

In an unprecedented, and ultra shocking move, Sony buys controlling interest in Nintendo and announces the sequel to Super Mario 64: Super Mario PS4!

Russell Ritchey – Nanobreaker

For me it would be Vita TV to be bundled with all future PS4 systems. But an actual net-breaker would probably be an announcement about how all future 1st party games are going to be priced $40 from this point on, with the expectation other publishers should follow suit.

What PlayStation E3 2014 announcement do you think would stop the internet?