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EA Knocks out a Ton of EA Sports UFC Tutorial Videos to Make You a Better Fighter

If you didn’t know, EA Sports UFC’s demo can now be downloaded on the PlayStation 4’s PSN Store. While the demo has a tutorial mode for those who want to learn how to play the game properly, chances are that short 18-course training session isn’t enough.

Apparently, EA knows about this, as the publisher has released a boatload of EA Sports UFC tutorial videos. If you want to improve your striking, be a better grappler or just want to get a better feel for the game before it releases, then you’ve come to the right place. Embedded below are each and every video that’s available now. It covers striking, clinch maneuvers, takedowns and a whole lot more.


Get a breakdown of how to throw basic strikes and modified strikes to add some creativity to your standup game.


Avoid taking unnecessary damage by learning to block, parry and evade whatever your opponent throws at you.


Learn how to get in close and lock up your opponent to land everything from vicious knees and power takedowns.


Block strikes while in the clinch, create space by separating from your opponent or deny them by blocking the clinch altogether.


Take your opponent to the ground with authority by learning the basics of landing takedowns and power takedowns.


Keep the fight standing by learning to stuff your opponent’s takedown attempts and force them to fight on their feet.


Learn how to make your opponents pay by landing big shots on the ground, or position yourself to finish the fight with a submission attempt.


Get a breakdown on everything from getting back to your feet, blocking strikes on the ground, stopping transitions and blocking submission attempts.


Everything you need to know on how to start a submission, progress through its stages and score the big finish.


Learn how to defend and escape from a submission attempt once it’s begun, or block it from ever getting started in the first place.

Now, that’s quite a lot to absorb in one go, but hey, that’s better than being flattened by your online opponents in the game when its released this June 17 for the PS4, right?

For more on the game’s development, whether it will have a Pride rules mode, and how EA will be handling people who intentionally disconnect from online matches, make sure to give our in-depth developer interview a read.

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