Sony: The Last Guardian Will be Shown “When It’s Ready”

After denouncing The Last Guardian cancellation rumor over the weekend, PlayStation gave us hope that it might actually show the game last night during their E3 pres conference. Well, obviously that didn’t happen, so GameSpot spoke with PlayStation’s Scott Rodhe, where he confirmed that it won’t be shown until it’s ready:

It was a fun week of Last Guardian news. At PlayStation, it’s really important to us to make sure that the creative process works. And in this case, [game director Fumito Ueda] has created something that’s great, it’s just going to need some time. We’ll show it when it’s ready.

Rohde was also asked if The Last Guardian had jumped to PlayStation 4, but he only answered with, “I’m not going to talk about it more than that.”

So basically, The Last Guardian isn’t cancelled, but we have no idea when it will make another public appearance.