Nordic Games to Publish Under the THQ Name

When Nordic Games were the surprise buyers of many THQ IPs (including Darksiders, Red Faction, and MX vs. ATV), most people were confused by exactly who this company was and why they spent nearly $5 million on all those franchises. Well, Nordic Games understands they aren’t the most well-known company in the world, so, as a company rep confirmed to Polygon, they have acquired the THQ trademark and will be publishing their games under the THQ name.

General Manager Klemens Kruezer explained how this decision to put the THQ name on games published by Nordic came to be:

It was kind of surprise to some industry veterans and players that we were the winner of the auction of the THQ titles. The challenging fact is nobody has ever heard about Nordic Games before [the THQ auction]. There were so many articles with the headlines ‘Who the fuck is Nordic Games?’ We said, okay they were right.

We have seen an uplift in the name of Nordic Games, and what we have also done is we have made a second deal with THQ where we bought the THQ trademark.

Along with this deal, Nordic Games has seized control of THQ’s Facebook page, and even used the account to say, “[THQ is bankrupt] but the name and brand will live on!”

Even though there’s progress being made by Nordic on the THQ IPs, Kruezer added, “This is where we need some more patience from the fans [of Darksiders], because we want to be able to do it right. The owner of Nordic Games has given [interviews] where he has said that he doesn’t want to make a shitty sequel.”

It’s possible we won’t have to be patient for too long, as announcements of some sort from Nordic were teased for gamescom.