Best of E3 2014 Awards: Winners and Honorable Mentions

One of our favorite parts of going to an event like E3, besides being able to play some amazing games early, is our yearly “Best of E3” awards process. Unlike a number of sites, we don’t bother with the best of (insert category here), and instead, we simply look at all of the games the industry has to offer and narrow down our list to the top 10 games that were in a playable format at E3.

Sadly, there were a number of games to choose from and deciding which games were going to walk away with our coveted award was a grueling process. One  that left our staff with more than a few scars and tarnished friendships. But, ultimately we did come to a consensus and were able to give out our Best of E3 2014 awards.

So, make sure to check out which games we chose as this year’s winners and for the first time, check out exclusive video footage of awards being handed out.