Xbox Boss Phil Spencer: I Tip My Hat Off to Sony, But This is a “Long-Term Competitive Space”

It’s no secret by now that the PlayStation 4 has outsold Microsoft’s Xbox One in this current-gen console war. But that doesn’t mean Microsoft is ready to throw in the towel just yet.

In an interview with GamesIndustry after Microsoft’s E3 media briefing, Xbox boss Phil Spencer not only acknowledged Sony’s lead, but even congratulated their rivals. However, he did point out that we’re very early in the PS4 and Xbox One’s lifespan and they have a lot of time to catch up.

You look at what Sony has sold, and congratulations to them; they’ve had a great launch…Maybe we’re 10 percent of the way into this generation, so we’re early, early days in how this will all play out. I tip my hat to them. I think they’ll likely have a great show, and they should; they’re coming in with a lot of strength. But this is a long-term competitive space, which is good for consumers.

This isn’t the first time Spencer acknowledged the competition. Earlier this year, the Xbox exec said that Sony has done a “nice job” on the PS4.

I agree with Spencer that we’re very early in the game. But with multiplatform games almost universally being better on the PS4, and with Sony’s host of exclusives raining down as early as next year, can the Xbox One really catch up?

[Source: Games Industry]