DriveClub Dev on 30fps: We’ve Made the Right Choices to Make the Best Driving Game We Could Have Made

It’s no secret by now that DriveClub will be running at “only” 30fps (frames-per-second) when it races out for the PlayStation 4 this October 7.  But is the trade-off worth sacrificing the frame-rate for the game’s fidelity?

Speaking to EDGE, Evolution Studios Design Director Paul Rustchynsk says, he “absolutely” thinks this is a fair trade-off, and how he suspects some people might have think that with the studio choosing the 30fps route, that it has compromised DriveClub’s gameplay.

I absolutely think so…I suspect a lot of people think we may have compromised the gameplay experience by choosing 30fps, but we’ve spent a huge amount of time minimising the latency between the pad and what happens inside the game so you never feel disconnected, and you never feel like you’re getting a sub-par experience.

Rustchynsk adds, that even if the PS4 is a powerful machine, “you can only do so much on any platform,” and adds that there’s “always a trade-off.”

It’s a balance, because you can only do so much on any platform – PS4 has been fantastic to work with and we’ve done a good job of pushing it. It’s always a tradeoff, ultimately, and I think we’ve made the right choices to make the best driving game we could have made.

You can check out our DriveClub hands-on preview to get a feel for how the game plays, or check out its latest gamplay trailer to see how pretty the game looks so far.

Do you agree with Rustchynsk or should the studio find a way to optimize the game so there’s no compromise?

[Source: EDGE]