Bungie Explains Why You Can Dance in Destiny

If you weren’t able to play the Destiny alpha, or didn’t experiment with what hitting right on the d-pad can do, Bungie has added the ability to dance in Destiny.

But why did they do this? Bungie Community Manager David Dague explained all to IGN:

[After quoting Safety Dance…] So, in actual fact, you can dance because the communication in Destiny is in some ways non-verbal; we have enough experience with online games to know that sharing voice chatter in games needs to be a very intimate, consensual agreement.

At the same time, this game is social and co-operative and so you will encounter people in the wild who you want to co-operate with. Now, maybe that’s to say thank you or to point to something or even just to sit down to indicate to someone that you’re fetching another beer, so the dance is just a little reminder that at the end of the day we are making a game and that it’s fun.

Delving further into their reasoning for dancing, and everything else, in Destiny, Dauge said, “I don’t think there’s anybody out there who can have as great an expectation of Bungie as Bungie itself. We’re our own harshest critic and our own fiercest competitor. When we say that we make games that we want to play ourselves, that is a rock solid truth of our creative process.”

He finished up by adding, “We always need to ensure that we have a sense of humor about ourselves because while there’s this serious side – ‘you’re going to go out into the stars to liberate everything that we’ve lost and face the unfathomable darkness’ – you’re still going to have time to dance.”