Crimsonland PS4 Release Confirmed for This Month

Nailing their summer release window, 10tons has announced that Crimsonland, their updated version of the top-down, dual-stick shooter will hit the PlayStation 4 on July 15 in North America and July 16 in Europe. No price was given, but with Steam listing it for $13.99, expect it to be around there.

Noting how the PS4 version is “largely the same” as the 2003 version of Crimsonland, 10tons said, “The graphics have been replaced with new HD assets, content has been added and design tweaks made, but the immensely satisfying gameplay remains intact.”

Crimsonland features 30 weapons, 55 perks, 60 campaign missions with three difficulty settings, and five survival gameplay modes with dedicated leaderboards for single player and 2-4 player local co-op (the co-op works by adding a monster multiplier based on player count, so with four players you get literally hundreds of enemies on screen at the same time).

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