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Twin Stick Shooter Time Recoil Release Date Revealed

Make sure to slow down some time for this one

Time Recoil Is a Top-Down Twin-Stick Shooter Where You Kill to Slow Time

Kill them slowly.

Xenoraid Vita Review

Xenoraid Review – Classic Arcade Shooter Mashup (Vita)

If Centipede and Geometry Wars had a love child…

Neon Chrome Launches on November 29 for PS Vita, Includes Cross-Buy With PS4

Europe gets it on November 30.

Neon Chrome and Bound Get PS4 Pro Support Detailed

Bound somehow gets even prettier.

Space Shooter Xenoraid Releases on November 8 for PS4

It’s also coming to PS Vita later this year.

Top-Down Twin-Stick Shooter Neon Chrome Launches on May 31 for PS4

It includes local co-op.

Baseball Riot Swings for the Fences on PS4 & PS Vita in January 2016

It’s the sequel to Tennis in the Face.

Crimsonland Review – Paint the Town Red (PS4)

Their blood will be your medium!

Crimsonland PS4 Release Confirmed for This Month

It remains “largely the same” as the 2003 version, but with better graphics.