Top-Down Twin-Stick Shooter Neon Chrome Launches on May 31 for PS4

Released on PC last month, top-down cyberpunk twin-stick shooter Neon Chrome is coming to PlayStation 4 on May 31 in North America and Europe, developer 10tons announced today. If the price is the same as Steam, expect it to cost $14.99 USD.

Featuring procedurally generated and destructible environments, boss fights between each chapter, and cybernetic enhancements, Neon Chrome also includes permanent character progression. Given infinite lives, you can purchase permanent upgrades between deaths, meaning “you don’t have to be very skilled to see the end of the game.” Then, once you beat Neon Chrome, the difficulty is turned up before you do it all over again.

Lead Designer Sampo Töyssy discussed the enhancements, characters, and stats:

Install cybernetic enhancements that give you massive powers.

  • Examples include walking through walls and splitting your bullets mid-air for a damage boost. A powerful combination will be your key to victory.

Choose your preferred character before each run.

  • In Neon Chrome you’ll be given a set of characters to choose from when you start a new ”run”. The characters are a combination of role, ability and a weapon. Don’t get too attached though – dying is part of the process.

Improve your stats with the credits you loot.

  • After each death you get to improve your stats like damage and health. You can also purchase a specific weapon or an ability for your next character. Death will become your friend and an opportunity to improve.

You’ll also find local co-op for two to four players.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]