Neon Chrome and Bound Get PS4 Pro Support Detailed

Both Bound and Neon Chrome will be getting updates to become PlayStation 4 Pro compatible.

Developer Plastic announced on Twitter that Bound PS4 Pro support will be added in the game’s 1.02 patch. They also released several gorgeous screenshots showing off the game running on PS4 Pro, which can be seen above. While the tweet was light on details, creative director Michal Staniszewski went to Reddit to give more details.

Here’s what Staniszewski told r/PSVR:

On PS4 Pro we are rendering edges of geometry in 4K native with multisampling antialiasing and the inner parts of polygons are upscaled from 1080P. Since our game uses mostly geometry and does not rely on texturing too much, I think we got into sweet spot and now we have nicely looking 4K at 60 Hz.

I believe [though] that most of you are waiting for the information about PSVR upgrade. We are rendering twice as many pixels than on regular PS4 in VR and adding extra effects on top of that. This makes our game super sharp, literally hitting the display resolution of PSVR headset.

Meanwhile, Neon Chrome developer 10tons Ltd. revealed on their website that the shooter’s PS4 Pro patch is available now.

Here’s the 411 on what the update adds:

We were able to deliver true native 4K at 60fps for Neon Chrome! The game renders in true native resolution without any upscaling. We estimated that we would not hit any fillrate limits as the game was limited mostly by draw calls because of destructible environment. This estimate was quite accurate and the 4K performance is very good on the PS4 Pro. We expect that many other similar games will gain 4K support in the future as it is relatively easy to do. You do need to have a certain amount of fillrate headroom when running on the original PS4 to reach 4K@60fps on PS4 Pro though.

It looks like PlayStation 4 Pro owners will get to enjoy a wide variety of games at launch!