Twin Stick Shooter Time Recoil Release Date Revealed

Gaming studio 10tons has announced that the upcoming twin stick shooter Time Recoil finally has a release date, and fans can expect the game to release September 12 on the PlayStation 4.

The game, which puts players in the shoes of a rebel agent who must go back in time to find and eliminate an “evil mad scientist dictator” named Mr. Time, is a take on the twin-stick shooter genre.

The studios last game, Neon Chrome, was a more straight forward twin-stick shooter, so Time Recoil will deviate a bit in the gameplay department. According to the studio, the game is more focused on “single bullet kills and making full use of the time slowdown effect that kicks in every time you take someone out.”

For a bit more information on the game, check out the following explanation from 10tons:

In Time Recoil the player is given a super power: Kill to slow time. Killing will trigger a slow motion effect, and killing additional enemies while in slow motion charges a special move. The more the player kills, the more powerful the special move becomes, starting from a simple dash and ending with a mind blowing psy-weapon.

Time Recoil is slated to launch on September 12 for the PlayStation 4, with a PS Vita version possibly planned as well. The game retails for $13.99.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]