Freedom Wars Producer Responds to Complaints About the Game’s Difficulty

Japanese fans of the recently released title, Freedom Wars, have taken to the internet to voice their frustration over the game’s difficulty level. They’ve managed to make enough noise to catch the attention of producer Junichi Yoshizawa, who addressed the issue on the game’s official blog.

Apparently, most of the complaints surround the tough combat and “unfairly strong” enemies. A translated response from the blog reads:

It has come to my attention that the current players find the degree of difficulty to be too hard. In regard to the matter, we’ll be looking at countermeasures in the next few days.

In the same blog, Yoshizawa also mentioned that players will receive free DLCs for now as he felt that some content was suitable for a free-of-cost download. Not all DLC will be free, however.

Forget the DLC, Yoshizawa, I’ve got to give you credit for bringing Japanese players to their knees with the difficulty level!

[Source: Freedom Wars Official Blog via Siliconera]