Destiny Digital Guardian Edition Pre-Order Upgrade Available in the US, Canada

Because the PlayStation Store explicitly states that “CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE EXCEPT WHERE REQUIRED BY LAW” when it comes to pre-orders, many people who already pre-ordered Destiny were worried they wouldn’t be able to buy the newly announced Digital Guardian Edition.

Taking away all those worries, Sony said last night, “If you want to upgrade your PlayStation digital pre-order of Destiny to the new Digital Guardian Edition, head to PlayStation Store and the price should reflect the difference. For those who haven’t pre-ordered any digital version, you’ll see the full price of $89.99.” For Canadians, the price of the Digital Guardian Edition is $99.99 on the PlayStation Store.

If you do pre-order Destiny, don’t forget that you’ll receive access to the beta starting on Thursday, July 17, and the PS4 version will be available for pre-load a few days ahead of launch on September 9.

Are you going to get the Digital Guardian Edition?