Borderlands Characters Might Appear in New Gearbox FPS/MOBA Battleborn

Developer Gearbox has hinted that Borderlands‘ characters might make an appearance in the company’s new FPS/MOBA title, Battleborn. Around 20 characters are set to be playable at launch, with more to be added via DLC.

Speaking to Game Informer, Creative Director Randy Varnell stressed that although there’s a possibility of Borderlands‘ vault hunters being included, the developer wants to ensure that Battleborn finds its own ground first.

It’s really important that Battleborn is its own universe first and that it has its own tone and its own style and that it can grow its legs. But it is a universe. It’s a vast universe with who knows what. It’s set way, way in the future and so I can’t say that [vault hunter characters] would never happen.

Announced very recently, Battleborn is set to release on the PS4 in 2015.

[Source: Game Informer via Videogamer]