SCE President Thinks PS Vita is a AAA Machine in Japan, Unsure of Other Regions

Last month at E3, it was announced by Shuhei Yoshida and Jim Ryan that, although the PlayStation Vita still has first-party games in development, they will be fewer in number going forward, and the days of big budget first-party titles are likely gone.

Speaking with IGN at Develop this week, Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House also weighed in on the PlayStation Vita and its lack of AAA releases, explaining how they’re waiting to see how things progress:

I certainly still think you’ll see Vita as a AAA machine in Japan where it has a different function with the console dynamic of the marketplace. That for me is a given.

It’s hard to say in terms of the other markets. I think Remote Play is still in its nascent stages. I think we need to have a better understanding. We know a lot of players are embracing it and using it and seem to like the experience a lot, but necessarily that changes the dynamic.

Do you think the PlayStation Vita is a AAA machine in North America and Europe?