Bungie Loves PlayStation and Xbox Fans Equally, Doesn’t Play Favorites

There’s no doubt that a lot of Bungie’s fame was a result of its work on the Halo franchise for Microsoft. It’s also understandable why some Xbox fans are upset over the company’s recent inclination towards Sony and PlayStation. However, in the latest Bungie Weekly Update, Community Manager David Dague has denied that Bungie betrayed Xbox fans. 

When a fan asked why the developer hated Xbox fans, Dague said:

Bungie has embraced many different platforms in our storied history. We have a hard time sitting still. Our goal has been to create amazing worlds and fill them with as many passionate people as possible. What we would tell you is that, if you want to explore the world of Destiny, it was built with you in mind. We make games here at Bungie. We love the people who play them equally.

In other news, not long to go before we get our hands on the Destiny beta, and it certainly helps that we can gather three friends to play!

[Source: Bungie via GameSpot]