Mark Cerny Surprised by People Debating About the Future of Consoles

Speaking at the Develop conference in Brighton last week, PlayStation 4 lead architect Mark Cerny seemed surprised by people continuing to debate about the future of consoles. 

Before the current generation of consoles hit markets last year, many were speculating that we’d never seen another wave of them, while some still believe that the current batch of consoles will probably be the last. When asked what he thought of this, Cerny said:

What’s amazing to me is how quickly this has changed, right? You go back two years ago, consoles are dead and Sony’s a dinosaur to be releasing one, if you talk to certain analysts. You go back one year and ‘Wow, it’s so exciting to have a new console!’ But now you’re going, ‘but they’re dead’ again.

Cerny has a point, but it’s still hard to make a prediction. For now, enjoy your consoles, people!

[Source: IGN]