CD Projekt RED “No Plans” to Re-Release Previous The Witcher Games on PlayStation

At this particular moment in time, there are no plans to re-release previous Witcher games on the PlayStation. We’re also a bit bummed that it took us so long to release a Witcher game on the PlayStation but we’re a quality-comes-first studio and releasing The Witcher 2 on three platforms was above our technical capabilities back then. We chose Xbox because of the less complicated architecture (The Witcher 2 was our first console game). Things are different with the PlayStation 4. By the way, if you’re afraid that you won’t get what’s happening in the game without playing the first two games, you may stop worrying now–for newcomers, Wild Hunt will seem like a totally standalone game.

We also asked whether CD Projekt RED has thought of doing a “The Witcher Collection” of some sort that will house all the games in series, and “up-ported” from last-gen to today’s consoles.

Currently we’re focused on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077. Collections like that are a thing of the future, and I’d rather not discuss them now.

Regardless if you’ve played the first two Witcher games or not, don’t worry, as Tost also revealed that they are preparing “some sort of a recap” for The Witcher 3 newcomers.

Make sure to check back at a later date for the entire interview where we discuss the development of The Witcher 3,  and what the studio’s thoughts are on the RPG genre.