Naughty Dog Hopes 60fps Will be the New Standard for Games

With Naughty Dog hitting 1080p/60fps for The Last of Us Remastered (there’s also an option to lock it at 30fps), GameSpot asked Naughty Dog Lead Programmer Jason Gregory if 60fps would become the new standard in games:

We hope so. It used to just be that first-person shooters were 60 by default, but a lot of other games didn’t feel the need for it. I think we’re showing that it does make a difference even in a non-FPS type game. And one question that’s been fielded on Twitter as a follow-up to the 60 Hz [ed. note: Naughty Dog uses Hz when talking about frames-per-second], is whether or not we’re always at 1080p. Some games have been doing the whole adaptive resolution where they change the resolution based on what’s going on. We are always at 1080p.

Admitting how there was an internal debate “over the artistic-ness of going [30fps] or [60fps],” Gregory revealed that all debates ended when people finally saw it running at 60fps. Because of this, “going back and playing the 30 Hz version feels, to quote some people in the office, ‘broken.'”

After Gregory talked about all the technical upgrades with The Last of Us Remastered and how multiplayer is separate on PS3 and PS4 (meaning no cross-play), Lead Designer Ricky Cambier said, “At the end of the day, we were able to get everything we wanted onto the disc, and didn’t really have to compromise anything. And that’s including the full Left Behind DLC, so it was really a challenge, but we figured out how to get it all in there.”

With The Last of Us Remastered representing Naughty Dog’s first PS4 release, Gregory mentioned how it was like “taking a crash course in PS4,” and because of it, “we feel like we’ve got a very complete engine, and something that’s going to provide a great foundation for moving forward from Uncharted.”

Unfortunately, because they’ve been so focused on The Last of Us Remastered, Naughty Dog hasn’t “really had any time to experiment and play around with Project Morpheus at this point.” However, Gregory adds that Morpheus looks really promising, and “we hope to be able to experiment with it later.”

Finally, when asked why people who played The Last of Us on PS3 should buy it again on PS4, Gregory said, “In my view, this is really the way The Last of Us should be played. When you look at it on PS4, on PS3 we were envisioning something that couldn’t quite be achieved. It was very well achieved on PS3, but not quite. And on PS4 it feels like the game reaches its full potential.”