Save Churchill Sniper Elite 3 DLC Coming Soon to PS4, PS3

A couple of days after patching the multiplayer on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Rebellion has announced some new DLC for Sniper Elite 3, Save Churchill. Released in three parts, the first part of the DLC is “coming soon” to PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, while the PC version is out now for $6.99, carrying the following description:

Save Churchill Part 1: In Shadows is the atmospheric first episode in a series of three new Sniper Elite 3 campaign missions where players must foil a plot to assassinate inspirational British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

Inside the shadowy city of Siwa lies the intel that could reveal his assassin, but this is not the place that Karl Fairburne remembers; the haunted surroundings are shrouded in smoke, her city walls battle-scarred by constant bombardment and assaults.

Fairburne must infiltrate the garrison, sow chaos among the enemy, and reveal the Axis plans that could end Churchill’s – and Allied – resistance for good.

The above video from Rebellion takes you inside the studio to talk about the future of Sniper Elite 3, while also announcing some free multiplayer maps, with the first map, Airstrike, available on PC and “coming soon” to consoles.

[Source: @SniperElite, Steam]