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strange brigade ps4 dlc

Check Out the First Strange Brigade DLC Campaign Trailer

Strange things are happening.

Strange Brigade DLC announced

Here’s When You Can Get All the Strange Brigade DLC

How strange.

Strange Brigade Co-op

How Strange Brigade Stands Out from the Co-Op Crowd

We talked to the devs to find out what sets this 1930s adventure apart.

Strange Brigade Review – Failing with Style (PS4)

Sad, but true, Strange Brigade isn’t exactly a treasure.

Strange Brigade Characters

Strange Brigade’s Newest Character Is Winston

The more the… stranger.

Strange Brigade Gameplay

Strange Brigade Gameplay Trailer Has Players Equipping Gems to Guns

Enjoy a madcap adventure with a bit of magic.

judge dredd games

Rebellion Teases Possibility of Judge Dredd and 2000 AD Games

Could we explore Mega-City One in a game setting soon?

Strange Brigade Season Pass detailed

Strange Brigade Season Pass Has Wonderful Weapons and Outrageous Outfits

I’m all for “outrageous outfits.”

New Strange Brigade Screens Brings Gods, Monsters, and a Blimp (For Some Reason)

Yeah, this is actually amazing.

judge dredd game

New 2000AD/Judge Dredd Game News Coming Soon

Is Judge Dredd preparing for a new comeback?

Rebellion CEO profit

Passion Drives Rebellion’s CEO More Than Profit

Much of the Sniper Elite developer’s business is driven by passion.

strange brigade gameplay

Take a Look at How Co-Op Works in Strange Brigade

Take down enemies as a team.

Strange Brigade E3 2018 Teaser Trailer Arrives

Let the shootouts begin.

strange brigade release date

Strange Brigade Release Date Officially Announced Alongside Collector’s Edition

Multiple editions available for preorder now.

battlezone gold edition release date

You Can Play Battlezone this May Even Without a VR Headset

It’s a tank game that merged with Tron.

rebellion radiant worlds

Rebellion Announces it has Acquired Radiant Worlds

Studio will begin work immediately.

Rogue Trooper Redux Launches on October 17 for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Watch the 2006 vs 2017 comparison trailer.

Sniper Elite 4 Deathstorm Part 3 Release Date Announced, Lots of New Stuff Inbound

A lot of stuff is coming!

Evil Genius 2 Announced for PC, Other Platforms Will Be Considered

Let’s hope it comes to consoles.

E3 2017 – Strange Brigade Preview – Mummy Dearest (PS4)

Action! Adventure! Excitement! Old-timey serial simulation!