Zombie Army 4 Season Pass

Zombie Army 4’s Season Pass Brings New Campaign Missions, Four Characters, and More Weapons

The Nazi zombie apocalypse is nearly upon us, with Zombie Army 4: Dead War set to release on February 4th, 2020. However, just because the end has begun doesn’t mean the end needs to end. Rebellion has detailed the first season of content coming for Zombie Army 4 after its release, which will have plenty of new content for players. The biggest post-launch addition is three new missions that form a new mini-campaign called Hell Cult. Like any of the missions in the game already, you can play them alone or with a party of up to four.

Along with the new campaign, the Season Pass will offer up four character packs, which will include new playable characters that can be used across the entire game; the new campaign, the original, and the hoard mode. There will also be nine weapon bundles, five weapon skin packs, and four character skin bundles. If you want to take a look at both the new campaign and some of the new skins, you can do so in the trailer below.

Perhaps most notable is that this is called “Season 1” of the post-launch support, which makes it sound like Rebellion has more content being planned outside of the first season pass. While they haven’t actually said anything about any future content, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the game be supported longterm.

In addition to the paid season pass, there will also be some free goodies given through updates to Zombie Army 4. The game’s hoard mode will continue to get more free maps post-launch. You’ll need the pass to use the new characters or weapons on them, but all players will at least have access to the new maps equally.

While there’s no current word on how much the Season Pass will cost on its own, it will be bundled with the Super Deluxe Edition of Zombie Army 4: Dead War, which will cost $79.99. You can get the game by itself for $49.99 or a deluxe edition which will come with some digital goodies for $59.99.

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