Back 4 Blood Offline

Back 4 Blood to Add Offline Solo Campaign Mode and More Starting December

Back 4 Blood is finally getting some much-needed additions, including an offline solo mode with campaign progression. Starting December 2021, Turtle Rock Studio will roll out some pretty significant free updates featuring a new co-op mode, new character cards, updates to melee combat, and a new difficulty mode in 2022. Furthermore, it also plans to release the first Tunnels of Terror expansion alongside two new Cleaners, Ridden, weapons, and cards in the game’s Annual Pass.

The addition of an offline solo campaign mode is significant, as Back 4 Blood requires a constant internet connection in order to play (as we noted in our official review). The new offline mode will even allow players to progress in the game’s campaign mode. The offline solo campaign mode will come in December, with a new holiday seasonal event, Ridden practice mode, and new supply lines. This month, however, Turtle Rock Studios is focusing on QoL improvements and major bug fixes.

Starting next year, Turtle Rock Studios will add Back 4 Blood‘s first expansion Tunnels of Terror, with two more expansions later in the year. In terms of free updates, the studio will also add plenty for players to enjoy. These include new player and corruption cards, as well as a new co-op mode. Notably, they are also releasing a melee update — an aspect that many members of the community have complained about as being unbalanced.

The Annual Pass will also include two new Cleaner characters, one of which seems to wield a firefighter’s axe. Turtle Rock Studio also shows a new Ridden in the roadmap announcement Tweet, but it looks like it may just be the silhouette of the Hocker. A new activity type will also come with the Annual Pass, as well as exclusive skins for those hoping to look fashionable during the zombie apocalypse.

[Source: IGN]