Bungie: We Have to “Earn the Right” to Make a Sequel to Destiny

Bungie is certainly nothing if not humble. By all stretches of the imagination, it looks like Destiny is poised to be a commercial success. But for the seasoned developer, it sounds like that wouldn’t necessarily warrant a sequel.

Talking to TrustedReviews about the possibility of a sequel or, like Halo before it, an entire decade’s worth of upcoming entries, Community Manager David Dague stated “If we earn that right, we would love to explore those possibilities…We have to earn the right to put a number on the box.”

Beyond commercial or even critical success, it sounds like Bungie is looking for positive fan feedback more than anything:

We have to do our jobs to build a big, beautiful world that people do truly want to explore further…We have to capture their imaginations with a story that has them asking more questions as they get to the end of this first game.

This doesn’t mean that you are left with more questions than answers by the end of the the game, as Dague said “Our sole focus is making sure this game is amazing.”

After (presumably) bringing down the entire PSN as well as Bungie’s own website, the Destiny Beta is officially live on the PlayStation 3 and 4 systems today. It will begin on the Xbox 360 and One systems on July 23, and conclude on all systems on July 27. Do you think we’ll see a sequel? Several? None at all? Give us your thoughts below.

[Source: TrustedReviews]