Naughty Dog: Uncharted PS4 Remaster “Would be Really Cool to Have”

Last week, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida was asked if there were any more PS4 remasters planned after The Last of Us, to which he replied, “There are requests from some consumers for games that were released later in the generation, like Uncharted, which people might have missed. That would be a good candidate. We don’t want to flood the market with remade games either.”

Going straight to the source, Digital Spy spoke with Naughty Dog Community Strategist Arne Meyer, where Meyer talked about how it would be a good idea to provide players old and new the chance to play the older Uncharted games before A Thief’s End releases in 2015:

When we look at the PS4 generation, especially in the US – I don’t know what the general feeling was in Europe – there were a lot of people who are new to PlayStation platforms, and may have not played Uncharted.

It would be a good time for us to leverage all the attention behind it and make it look better. It would be really cool to have. Shuhei really likes the Uncharted series quite a bit, and I think it would be a great way to introduce – I wouldn’t say a new generation – but to expand the people that are bound to know Uncharted.

Since it’s the first time that we’re releasing a franchise across different platforms, it would be a good way to provide a way for our familiar players to go back and play the entire series with visual parity. I don’t know if we’re able to do that, but it’s a really clever idea. It would be nice to see if we can figure that out and pull that off.

Would you want to see the three PS3 Uncharted games remastered on PS4?