The Evil Within Release Date Moved Up

After first giving The Evil Within an August release date, Bethesda then delayed it until October 21, and now, Bethesda has changed the date once again, moving The Evil Within up to an October 14 release in North America and October 17 in Europe.

No reasoning was given for the change, but seeing as how October 21 was already home to Evolve and Battlefield: Hardline, moving it to October 14 to face Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel instead seems like a smart decision.

If you’ve yet to do so, pre-orders of The Evil Within come with the Fighting Chance Pack, which includes:

  • Medical Kit – A vital health enhancement to enable Sebastian to fight on.
  • Green Gel – Used to upgrade Sebastian’s attributes.
  • Double Barrel Shotgun and Three Shells – A larger and more formidable shotgun than the regular shotgun, it’s useful for tight situations with multiple encroaching enemies.
  • An Incendiary Agony Bolt – Capable of showering nearby enemies with damaging fire sparks.
  • A Poison Agony Bolt – Will draw enemies towards it and poison them, allowing Sebastian time for a quick escape.

You’ll be able to buy The Evil Within on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, or PC when it launches.

[Source: @TheEvilWithin via Gematsu]