Lords of the Fallen “Sins” Trailer and Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

Namco Bandai has sent over a press release announcing announcing pre-order details and a new trailer for Lords of the Fallen just for the San Diego Comic-Con.

Titled the “Sins” trailer, it shows us a few seconds’ worth of gameplay highlighting Harkyn and his exploits in the action-RPG game where he not only takes on giant enemies, but even seduce a few ladies on the way.

Additionally, we’ve listed the Lords of the Fallen pre-order incentive below.

  • Official Game Soundtrack

  • Monk’s Decipher DLC: Will “enable” players to uncover hidden secrets

  • Demonic Weapons DLC: Gives players three additional weapons

Everyone who pre-orders the game will get the limited edition contents, with Namco Bandai saying it’ll be a free upgrade. 

Lords of the Fallen will hit the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC this October 28, 2014.