Trine Enchanted Edition Coming to PlayStation 4 Later This Year

Trine Enchanted Edition, a remake of the original Trine using the Trine 2 engine, came out today on Steam, with Frozenbyte announcing that the game will release later this year on PlayStation 4 and Wii U. An official price wasn’t revealed, but it should cost around $14.99.

Featuring new visual effects, online multiplayer, and mid-level saving, here’s the description for Trine Enchanted Edition:

Trine Enchanted Edition is a beautiful fantasy action platformer with a fairytale-like atmosphere, following the journey of three heroes – a Wizard, a Knight and a Thief – in a quest to save the kingdom from evil. The gameplay is based on fully interactive physics – each character’s different abilities and tactics can be used to invent new ways to battle an army of undead and overcome obstacles, and restore the balance of the world.

Game Features:

  • Three Heroes: Amadeus the Wizard,  Zoya the Thief and Pontius the Knight, each with unique abilities
  • Online and local co-op with up to three players
  • Fully interactive game world with realistic physics
  • Numerous skills and abilities to solve puzzles in different play styles
  • Fifteen challenging and carefully designed levels, each with a distinctly unique atmosphere and visual style

Frozenbyte CEO Lauri Hyvärinen had this to say:

We’ve sold over 6 million copies of the Trine series so far, and we just passed the five year anniversary mark of the original Trine’s release. So we wanted to give something back to our fans with this update by improving the game, and finally bringing it to Linux as well. We’ve also heard a lot of requests for Trine from console owners, so we’re happy to announce that we’re bringing Trine Enchanted Edition also to Wii U and PS4.

Do you plan on buying Trine Enchanted Edition?