The Last of Remastered 30fps Lock Option Allows for “Higher Quality Shadows” (Update)


When someone said they weren’t expecting a difference between 30fps and 60fps, Naughty Dog’s Corrinne Yu said, “We got the milliseconds down and found we had room to add features so we give everyone best of both worlds.”

Original Story:

With early copies of The Last of Us Remastered heading out to reviewers, Crave Online has revealed that enabling the 30fps lock option through the Display Options will enable “higher quality shadows in-game.”

Even with the higher quality shadows, the general consensus from Naughty Dog is that you’ll want to play in 60fps, with Drew Thaler saying, “The 30fps option exists in TLOU:R because it was easy, and some people asked for it. Some people eat bugs too. Trust me, you won’t want it.”

As for the day 1 patch, Crave says there will be bug fixes, an increased install speed, and an improvement to Remote Play included, in addition to the Screenshot Tool and Grounded documentary.

Will you give 30fps a try?

[Image: Naughty Dog]