The Last of Us PS4 Multiplayer and DLC Detailed, Developers Advise Against “Run-and-Gun”

Naughty Dog has some advice for those picking up The Last of Us for the first time for PlayStation 4 consoles; “don’t sprint” or you’ll get caught immediately. The developer stressed that the title’s multiplayer mode is far from “run-and-gun,” and is more tactical. For the PlayStation 4 versions of the game, multiplayer is entirely in 1080p and all maps from existing DLC are included. 

Speaking of DLC, while Naughty Dog has not named the upcoming content, we know that one of the new maps is called ‘Financial Plaza.’ It includes a hotel, Davies Café, and a large open center. 

A new weapon has also been revealed. Called the ‘Variable Rifle,’ it takes four shots to kill the enemy, and has two zoom options for mid and long range shooting. We also get new masks and gestures alongside scopes for full and semi-auto rifles. Gestures include ‘Victory,’ ‘Oh Snap,’ and ‘The GIF.’

Not long to go now!

[Source: IGN]