LittleBigPlanet 3 Allows You to Stitch Levels Together, No Longer Locked by the Thermometer

Last week, we found out that LittleBigPlanet 3 would launch on November 18 for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in North America.

Also last week, Sony XDev Senior Producer Tom O’Connor was featured on the latest PlayStation Blogcast, where he revealed that the developers have listened to the community “a lot” when making the game, mentioning some of the new features you can expect:

For example, with LBP 3, we’ve now got 16 layers instead of three, and that means you can create levels that have a lot more depth – the canvas is a lot bigger.

[…] What else can we do that the community wants? They want to create bigger levels. So no longer are you locked by your thermometer. You can now stitch levels together, so your level’s, basically, are as big as your hard drive on your PS4. And that will mean that the community will just go wild.

We’ve got over 60 new tools… everything that we do is done so that when the community get the game, they can take those tools and do completely different things.

Exactly how stitching levels together will work wasn’t explained in-depth by O’Connor, but with launch only a few months away, we should get some more details soon.

Also in the interview, O’Connor discussed some of the differences between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 versions:

We knew that when we were building the PS4 version, we knew that we had to maintain compatibility because we’ve got a massive community, still very active – they’re creating like tens of thousands of levels a week even now – so we had to make sure that we made it compatible.

So PS4, PS3… available on both, backwards compatible with over 8.5 million levels on each platform; if you create a level on PS4, you can play it PS3, and vice-versa.

On PS4, it will look best on PS4, absolutely – runs at 1080p; we use the Touch Pad in Create Mode, which means that it’s much more accessible, much more tactile; we’ve also got some really cool video features… you’ll be able to create mini-trailers for your levels [that are viewable in-game before you jump into it].

O’Connor said more details about those video features will be revealed in the near future.

[Source: PlayStation Blogcast via Rocket Cheetah]