Activision Approved Wild West Shooter Gun 2 But Neversoft Canned It

Founder and former president of the now defunct Neversoft studio, Joel Jewitt, has said that Activision greenlit a sequel to the Wild West shooter Gun, but it was the studio that canned it in favor of more Tony Hawk games. Apparently, the decision was made for business reasons and due to lack of staff. In the September issue of Game Informer, Jewitt said:

We just didn’t have the manpower to make [Gun 2] and another skateboarding game. We had to take our engine to the next level, because we were [moving to] the Xbox 360. We had to put everybody back on the [Tony] Hawk franchises. 

Five years later, Rockstar decided to release its own version of a Wild West themed game, Red Dead Redemption, which was a huge success. Referring to Rockstar’s title, Jewitt said:

 We thought there was going to be this big demand out there [for a Wild West game]. Quite frankly, I think we were right and I thank the guys at Rockstar for, in my opinion, proving us right.

Would you have loved to see a Gun 2? Let us know.

[Source: Game Informer Sep 2014 issue via Videogamer]