Sony on PS Vita: It’s “Still the Best Handheld Dedicated Gaming Device Out There”

Looking at the list of games announced during the PlayStation gamescom 2014 press conference earlier this week, only a handful of them are coming to PlayStation Vita, and of those handful, none were really given any attention on stage aside from Volume.

After the conference, Game Reactor spoke with Sony Worldwide Studios Europe Vice President Michael Denny about the PlayStation Vita, where he revealed that they believe it’s still the best handheld dedicated for gaming:

For us, Vita’s still the best handheld dedicated gaming device out there. If you want quality handheld gaming, the Vita’s for you, and there’s a large array of content already out there for it, and more digital content that’s coming. I mean Borderlands 2 is still to come to the platform… [ed. note: Game Reactor decided not to point out the fact that Borderlands 2 is already out on Vita].

Denny then finished his thought by pointing out that, when you add in Remote Play with the PS4, he thinks the Vita is “really still a great system for people.” However, Denny says, “In terms of the focus of Worldwide Studios, I think you’ve clearly seen that’s going to be more in terms of PlayStation 4 going forward now.”

That last point fits in line with what Shuhei Yoshida and Jim Ryan said back in June about how the Vita would have fewer first-party titles and fewer big budget first-party titles. There’s still going to be first-party Vita titles though, with Shuhei saying in June, “Freedom Wars, Entwined, Murasaki Baby, Oreshika, Helldivers, Hohokum, Counter Spy, Fat Princess, and BigFest are all first-party titles.”

Getting back to the Denny interview this week at gamescom, he was asked if there were going to be any big franchises coming to Vita in the future. He responded by saying, “So, as you said, there’ll be cross-play titles, there’ll be titles that are going cross-platform as well. There’s some big third-party titles still coming, and there’s lots of great, innovative new indie titles coming digitally to the platform.”