Lords of the Fallen Has a “Steep Learning Curve for New Players”

At gamescom 2014, PlayStation Europe’s Rhys Sutheran caught up with CI Games’ Tomasz Gop to talk about their upcoming fantasy RPG, Lords of the Fallen.

During their conversation, the ‘second dimension’ – an alternate realm where protagonist Harkin travels back and forth from – was brought up, with Gop explaining:

It’s an important point in the game. Learning more about both realms guides the player towards making a massive decision that affects how the story plays out – so getting the perspective from both worlds helps guide the game and the character in a certain way.

Revealing how you’ll be able to shift between the worlds freely, Gop adds, “The first time you enter a world, you’ll need to do a lot of exploration, learning your surroundings, and what kind of enemies you’ll face.” Speaking of those enemies, Gop says defeated ones “might drop a key or you might open up a secret area, and that could give you an opportunity to level up or discover something that will help you when you reach the boss. It’s entirely up to the player.”

Lords of the Fallen won’t be an easy game to master, and much like the Souls games, you’ll have to learn your enemies before finding success:

There’s a steep learning curve for new players, but we don’t want anyone to feel that they’re being punished constantly. If you learn how the enemies attack and adapt to that, you should be okay eventually. And we’ve added save points before each boss fight, so if you die really quickly you’re not sent all the way back to the start of the level.

When it comes to combat, Gop says, “We want something more than a straightforward fight, we want people to put some thought into each battle and not just grind away with their primary weapon.”

Lords of the Fallen will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 28 in North America and October 31 in Europe.

[Source: PS Blog]