Bungie Not Worried About Destiny Not Having Enough Game Content

August 21, 2014Written by Alex Co


For those who’ve played the Destiny beta, you might have uncovered every nook and cranny it had to offer before Bungie closed it down for good. That being the case, some gamers are worried that the game might not have enough content to offer fans when the final game hits next month,

This won’t be the case according to Bungie. In an interview, Director of Production Jonty Barnes and Lead Concept Artist Jesse van Dijk mention that if there’s one thing the studio isn’t worried about, it’s Destiny not having enough “game.”

Jonty Barnes: If I’m honest with you, it blew my mind, because it’s the biggest game we’ve ever made. I don’t think people understand the depth and amount of gameplay there is in Destiny. It was a big beta. So the first thing, I was like, well that was a huge beta. I don’t understand how people could have that concern when you think about that and all the different planets we’re going to open up and the gameplay we’ve got there.

I’m not worried about it, because I honestly believe Destiny is a huge game. I can tell you that through blood and sweat as well. It’s been a huge game and undertaking for us. Compared to anything we’ve done before, if you’re going to do a comparison, you’re laughing, honestly.

Jesse van Dijk: That cross-section of the experience is going to be very different from the experience from the beta, which was just the tip of the iceberg. It’s not so much just a vertical branching out into more content, but it is also a horizontal one. We’re offering you different ways to experience all of this world.

Jonty Barnes: For us in the studio, it was not something we were instantly worried about. The one thing we’re not worried about Destiny is, is there enough game there? I can assure you, it’s a huge undertaking. It’s a huge game. I don’t think anyone’s got anything to worry about.

There you have it, Destiny fans. Not only is Destiny Bungie’s biggest game, but you have nothing to worry about. 

Are you confident Destiny will hold up content-wise after a month of solid gaming? Or are you a bit worried given how fast people went through whatever the beta had to offer?

[Source: Eurogamer]