Report: Sony Cancelling inFamous: First Light PSN Pre-Orders in Europe (Update)


Sucker Punch revealed on Twitter that the cancellations are due to a clerical error:

“UK pre-order issues: A clerical mistake was made in the submission to PSN for SCEE territories.”

“First Light itself is ready and submitted/approved for publication. simply a mechanics problem with the pre-order program in Europe.”

“Apologies to affected customers, and we hope you all enjoy the game when it launches in ~2 days!”

“Apologies, we are aware that the cancelled preorders are stuck in some cases. PSN store is currently working on it.”

Original Story:

With release happening next week on the PlayStation Store, Sony has sent out an email to people in Europe (via NeoGAF, Reddit) who have pre-ordered inFamous: First Light, revealing that their pre-order has been cancelled due to a “technical issue.”

They don’t reveal exactly what the technical issue is, but as of right now, the PlayStation Store still shows it as available for pre-order, and others say it still shows up in their download list.

Here’s the email:

Dear customer,

Thank you preordering inFamous: First Light on PlayStation 4. Due to a technical error, we have been forced to cancel your pre-order. Your account has not been charged for the product.

You can still redeem your pre-booking bonus – Fetch’s costume – when you download the full version of the game by clicking on the following link: https: //

We will also give you a coupon code on Fetch’s costume in an e-mail – just in case – so be on the lookout for the release next week.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being our customer, and apologize for any inconvenience this error may cause.

Judging from reports, no one is North America has received this email, so it appears as though Europeans are the only ones getting their pre-orders cancelled.